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In the “Manage Profile” tab, go to “Stand Information” section and click Edit. Your profile consists of several parts: basic information, company address, company description, categories, images and social media. You can add a brief description of your company’s activities.

You can, of course, use the information on your own website, but keep in mind that you should make the information as relevant as possible to your target audience.
You will find a number of pre-defined categories from which you should select the categories that best fit your company’s activities. The categories are used in the exhibitor catalogue on the event website. By selecting the right categories you will ensure that your target audience can find you easily by filtering the categories according to their interests.
Next, you are going to upload your logo and a header image. Your logo and header picture are displayed on your online stand profile.

If you have a GoPlus or GoPremium package, you can upload a video instead of the header picture. When filling in a field, the information is saved automatically. The fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

In the “Manage Profile” tab, go to “Products and Services” section and click “Add Product”. You can then insert the name of your product and an image, add a description of your product or service (up to 2000 characters) and add more information such as a URL (for example to the product page on your website), a YouTube URL or documents such as data sheets.

The fields with an asterisk are mandatory.

When the website is available in multiple languages, we recommend that you enter the information in all of these available languages. This is indicated by the red language blocks. To make your life easier, you can use built-in Google Translate to assist you in adapting the text to other languages. As soon as a language has been entered, the block turns green. If you have entered one language and want to use the same name or image for the other languages as well, click on “Use the same for all languages”. Then click “Save”.

Translating your product description into other languages will give more customers a better understanding of your offering and products, so you can reach a wider audience.

In the “Manage Profile” tab, go to “News” section and click “Add News” and if necessary scroll down the page. 

If the website is available in different languages, we advise you to enter all translations to get the most complete profile. Only the fields with an asterisk are mandatory but we recommend that you complete all fields. By adding a URL to your home page or a product page, for example, you immediately drive traffic to your website. This can result in leads in the build-up to your participation.

The completed fields are automatically saved.

In ‘’Manage Profile’’ tab, go to ‘’Jobs’’ section and click on ‘’Add Job’’. Fill in all fields. The fields with an asterisk are mandatory. It’s possible to add multiple jobs. If available, you should post in different languages.

The contact form can be used by any online visitors to get in touch with you before or after the event. They can ask for more details about your products and services. The form includes the sender name, email address and a message field to fill in before submitting. All the emails will be sent to the Contact email that you provided with your company profile information. If potential visitors contact you online, don’t forget to offer a face-to-face meeting at the event.

Go in ‘’Track Performance’’ tab. There you can find all your performance statistics including Page Views and Most Visited Pages.

The information you entered for your online profile for previous events can be re-used when you participate at another Easyfairs event. Products, News and Jobs have their archived catalogues. Click on “Add from your Catalogue” to access previously used items. Don’t forget to revise your information before each event to ensure everything is up-to-date!

Updates done to your online profile are automatically posted on your live profile page within one hour if the exhibitor catalogue page is already live on the event website.

In the ‘’Manage Stand’’ tab at the bottom of the page you’ll find a ‘’Webshop and Orders’’ table that contains all your orders for the stand including Smart Badge readers, stand supply and other furniture.

You can upgrade during the event by contacting your Easyfairs Customer Success Representative. You can also order additional equipment, like furniture or an extra Smart Badge Reader before the event via My Easyfairs.


Go to the “Invite Clients“ tab. Under “Invitation Link” section you can find your default invitation link and generate new ones.

Your personalised invitation link is a valuable tool for sending as many personal invitations to the event as you want. We know that visitors who have been personally invited by an exhibitor are more likely to visit that exhibitor’s stand at the event. By sending a personal invitation, you start building a connection with your prospects. Copy the URL you retrieve in My Easyfairs and add it to your email signature, e-invoices, website, web banners or any email campaigns you send.

You can even create more personalised registration links if you’d like to track your different communication channels (email campaigns, website, banners etc.)

Click on the “Invite Clients“ tab and then the “Invitation Link” section. When you click on “Create Links”, you will be directed to the Visit Connect site. In the menu on the left side of your screen find “Guests” and click on it. Under “Registration links” tab, you’ll be able to generate more invitation links by clicking on “Add” in the right upper corner.

You can always consult the Visit manual on creating unique invitations by clicking on “click here to get some help” below the “Create Links” button in “Invite Clients” tab on My Easyfairs.

Go to the “Invite Clients” tab and scroll down to the section “Registered Visitors” where you’ll see the list of all potential visitors who used your invitation link to register for the event. Why not call them ahead of the event to plan a face-to-face meeting on your stand? You can also set up SMS alerts for all or some of your pre-registered visitors so that you get alerted by text message when they check in at the event.

Check out “What are real-time alerts?

If this is visible for your event then yes, Easyfairs offers this service. Go to the “Invite Clients” tab and find the “Free Invitation Service” section. This section is intended to make inviting your clients and prospects even easier.* The principle is very simple: all you have to do is upload your contact list by a certain deadline (it can vary per event). Easyfairs does the rest and ensures that your customers receive a personalised invitation on your behalf (by email or post, depending on the event). To find out more about the contact file format, you can use the import template (link).

The invitation service functionality is fully GDPR compliant as you will be asked to digitally sign the processor agreement provided. Please note that you must make sure you have all the necessary opt-ins for the contact data you provide us.

*Note that the invitation service availability depends on the event.


Our innovations reviewers are either event team members or external partners with a deep knowledge of the industry (or both).
If the Innovation Gallery is already live, the review of innovation applications usually takes no more than two weeks.

To proceed with adding your product(s) as an innovation, go to the “Manage Profile” tab and find the “Innovation Gallery” section. Click on “Manage Items”. You’ll see all the products that you can use to apply for the Innovation Gallery. With a GoLeads package you can register one innovation, with a GoPlus and a GoPremium package two innovations. Once you’ve selected your product, give a brief explanation of why it is an innovation. When finished, click on “Apply” and your request is submitted. Now you just have to wait for the approval of your innovation.

Remember that you can only register an innovation when you have added products to your profile, so please ensure this is done first.

Go to the “Innovation Gallery’’ section under “Manage Profile’’ tab, and click “Manage Items”. You will find all your applications there and can track the status of each innovation application.

When your innovation application has been approved by the innovations reviewer, you will find your innovation on a dedicated page of the event website usually named “Innovation Gallery”. This way, your product gets even more exposure, and your reach becomes even greater.


The Smart Badge Reader is a small device that helps to keep our events paperless and lets you focus on building qualitative relationships during the event. The Smart Badge Reader is unique to every exhibitor and will be placed on your stand before the event starts. Visitors can collect exhibitor information by touching the readers with their badge. Before the event, you can decide which information you want to share with your leads. You can share a product page or a special offer, or use a reader to have a lottery among your clients, for example. By default, readers are linked to your company’s page.

Having multiple readers gives you an opportunity to categorise your leads right from the start. During the event, each visitor interested in your company touches your reader. When the event is over, and you return your reader to the staff, you get a list of leads (touches) that contain all information that visitors have shared (such as name, company name, email, phone number etc.)

Visitors will get information that you have linked to your reader before the event. By default, your reader is linked to your online company profile page. If you have more than one reader, visitors will get only the information linked to the reader that they touched.

Definitely. Ask your Customer Success Representative at the event to arrange any additional devices. Let them know how many you want, and which information should be linked to them.

You will be charged for additional readers after the event.

Your Smart Badge Reader should be visible and accessible to all visitors passing by your booth. We recommend placing your reader at the counter or at the entrance to your stand where it is the most visible so that visitors can touch it easily.

Readers are set up two weeks before the event, so you are not able to change this yourself during the event. However, if you get in touch with our onsite support team they will be able to link your reader to any other available content of your choice. Please note that your company or product information already linked to your reader can be updated via My Easyfairs at any time and visitors will get the latest information.

By default, readers are linked to your company profile page. But you can also link your reader to a specific product or piece of news or special offer as long as this content is available in My Easyfairs. So having multiple readers gives you an opportunity to categorise your leads right from beginning.

At the end of the event, you need to return your reader(s), or Easyfairs staff will collect them at your stand. Then we make sure that all touch-data are uploaded to My Easyfairs. The list of leads will be available to you in My Easyfairs the following morning. You will also receive a notification email when the list is available for download.

The list contains registration data that visitors who have touched your Smart Badge Reader shared when registering for the event: first name, name, company name, email, phone number (if asked).


Visit Connect is a web application that will help you collect and qualify leads during the event. Your sales representatives can use custom questions, take notes (written, oral or picture), and write down additional information. You can also export all the scans to Excel, making it easy to follow up on your potential partners’ and clients’ leads.

As there is no usage limitation, this means that all your stand personnel can use Visit Connect during the event, making it easy to track who has been in touch with which visitor during the event, helping your company to build strong relationships by following up after the event.

Visit Connect is a scanning app to keep track of conversations held during the event with clients and prospects interested in your products and services. After an interesting face-to-face conversation with a potential client, you may ask for their consent to scan their badge with the Visit Connect. It’s as if they had given you their digital business card. And you can add notes and even ask questions to segment and qualify these leads.

After the event, you can export all the leads to Excel to make the follow-up easier. Alternatively you can download the Visit Connect leads from My Easyfairs. After scanning their badge with the app, we encourage you to invite the visitor to touch your reader with their Smart Badge, so they also get your company details in return. If there are several team members on your stand using Visit Connect, each of them can see their own leads.

More information about Visit Connect


Please click here to access Visit Connect Guide


Please click here to access Visit Connect FAQ


A real-time alert sends an SMS notification to your or your company’s stand personnel phones when a visitor that has been registered with your personal invitation link arrives at the event. This service helps you to understand who might turn up at your stand and prepare for the upcoming meeting.
You can set up real-time SMS alerts to be received by up to three phone numbers.

In the ‘’Invite clients” tab go to the “Create SMS Alerts” section, where you will be directed to the overview of customers and prospects who pre-registered via your personal invitation link. You can either set up real-time alerts for the whole list by entering up to three phone numbers, or you can select specific pre-registered visitors for whom you’d like to receive the SMS alert and on which phone number.

Yes. In the ‘’Invite clients” tab go to the “Create SMS Alerts” section, where you can browse through your list of clients and prospects who registered using your personal link(s) or codes and select just the ones you’d like to be notified about when they arrive at the event. You can enter up to three phone numbers to get the SMS notification and you can have a different list of visitors for each phone number.

You simply need to remove the phone numbers entered in My Easyfairs under the “Create SMS alert” section in “Invite clients” tab or just disable notifications for a given number.


We recommend using an image that is a minimum 1024 × 576 in size. We have a cropping tool in My Easyfairs to make sure your image will be displayed nicely on our websites, so you don’t need to provide an image with those exact specifications.

*This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPlus and GoPremium package

No, but under the track your performance page you will be able to see how many times your different pages were viewed.

*This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPlus and GoPremium package

The main place where your logo is visible online is on your company profile page. Then, depending on your EasyGo package, your logo might be displayed on the exhibitor catalogue, at different touchpoints during visitor registration and/or on onsite screens/displays at the event.

*This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPlus and GoPremium package

Yes, you can upload any picture, but we would strongly advise you to upload your company logo. This way you help visitors browsing on the exhibitor catalogue to identify your company quicker and increase brand awareness among event visitors who can discover you before the event.

*This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPlus and GoPremium package


We recommend that the resolution of your logo or advert should be at least 1820 x 830.

**This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPremium package

Yes, you can choose your company logo or an advertisement for display onsite. With an ad, you can convey a specific message and call-to-action such as, “We are recruiting! Come and see us on stand XX”.

**This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPremium package

Your logo is usually displayed on stand-alone screens or screen walls in high traffic areas at the event (such as the entrance or catering point).

**This feature is only available to exhibitors with GoPremium package

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